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  • : Amicale Philatélique de Nanterre
  • Amicale Philatélique de Nanterre
  • : Les réunions sont ouvertes à tout philatéliste, même non adhérent, mais qui souhaite partager sa passion autour du timbre et de la lettre. Réunions 1ers et 3èmes dimanches de chaque mois à 10h. Villa des Tourelles 9, rue des Anciennes Mairies à Nanterre. Adresse E-mail : apn92@free.fr
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  • Réunions de l'Amicale Philatélique de Nanterre - 1ers et 3èmes dimanches
  • Réunions de l'Amicale Philatélique de Nanterre - 1ers et 3èmes dimanches


L’association philatélique est le lieu privilégié pour partager sa passion, développer des échanges trouver la convivialité et l’amitié autour d’un loisir commun. Au-delà, elle permet de véhiculer l’information, de découvrir, d’échanger par l’intermédiaire de services structurés. L’association philatélique rompt l’isolement et intègre le collectionneur dans un groupe de contact.

Téléphone : 01 41 37 71 35 (Répondeur)


11 juillet 2011 1 11 /07 /juillet /2011 06:38

Philatelic Association of Nanterre (PAN)




Contest starting date: September 1, 2011

Submission deadline: December 19, 2011.

Article 1 – Presentation

The Philatelic Association of Nanterre (PAN) organizes a Mail Art Contest for its 65th anniversary, in collaboration with the City of Nanterre.

Art Mail takes two forms:

-         The “Art posté”, which consists in creating mails following free forms and techniques (painting, drawing, engraving, photography, collage, etc.) Any type of creations is allowed (2D, 3D) subject to La Poste’s regulations (no perishable commodity, no sharp object…). If Contestants use a photography, they certify being the authors and having duly obtained the authorization of each person present on such photography, unless it already free of rights (copyrights, publicity rights). Photographies representing children are subject to parental authorization.

-         The "Art timbré", which consists in repurposing objects or creating objects from stamps.

Article 2 - Conditions.

Any person willing to participate in the Contest shall fill in an entry form and mail it to the address provided in Article 6, before November 15, 2011, midnight. Creations shall be received until December 19, 2011.

Article 3 - Participation.

The Contest is free and open to all. Contestants agree to be bound by the present regulations. They may submit several creations. Foreign creations are eligible provided they are received through French La Poste before the deadline indicated in Article 6.

Article 4 - Categories.

Contestants shall be classified into two categories: the "Youth" category for children and academics below 18; and the "Adults" category. In each category, mailed creations shall be distinguished from unmailed creations.

Article 5 - Topics.   

For the "Youth" category, the topic of the Contest is "Repurposing, recycling and putting new life into objects". It consists in collecting and valuing objects though reuse. It also encourages ecological behaviors through waste reduction (consumer choices, objects sustainment, recycled objects, household waste sorting, etc.) This is the "3R" Concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

For the "Adult" category, the topic is unrestricted within the main theme "Say it with stamps ! ".

Article 6 - Conditions of participation

Mail Art creations shall be franked at the proper rate and bear the Recipient's address mentioned below. The Recipient shall not be responsible for any damage, loss or delay occurring during La Poste’s transportation. Contestants may send their creations with registered mail. On the entry form provided in Article 2, Contestants shall indicate the category within which they wish to compete, as well as their birth date ("Youth" category), postal address, phone number and email address.

Mails shall be sent to:



Villa des Tourelles

9 rue des Anciennes Mairies

92000 Nanterre

The Recipient's address shall be legible on the envelope.


Article 7 – Selection

The PAN reserves the right to reject any creation falling outside the scope of the above-mentioned topic (“Youth” category). Any creation considered obscene, pornographic or racist shall be permanently withdrawn from the Contest. No creation submitted shall be published or prized elsewhere.

Article 8 – Jury

The Contest offers many prizes: three per category. A “Hall of Honor” will be settled for out-of-Contest participations. Winners shall be selected by the Jury, presided by a personality from the philatelic world, and gathering members with artistic and philatelic backgrounds.


Article 9 – Exhibition

Creations sent by Contestants will be publically exhibited from January 28 to February 19 in the Tourelles Gallery, Nanterre. The exhibition shall display all the creations made by Contestants, subject to available space in the said Gallery.

Article 10 - Transfers of rights

Creations submitted in the “Adults” category will not be restituted. In the “Youth” category, they may be restituted on demand, provided an agreement is found on the return policy.

Contestants certify being the authors and sole owners of the intellectual property rights on creations submitted for the Contest.

By agreeing to the present regulations, Contestants accept to publicize their creations and transfer the pertaining representation and reproduction rights without compensation.

Transfer of representation rights includes any communication of the creation to the public by display, in the perspective of the exhibition provided in Article 9.

Transfer of reproduction rights includes any paper (incl. magazines and newspapers), audiovisual (incl. TV or cinematic reports) or digital (incl. internet, intranet, hard disk, CD/ DVD, USB flash drive) publications by the APN, the City of Nanterre or any approved partners of the Contest.

The above-mentioned transfers are granted for the duration of the legal protection of the creations.

Contestants agree to the use of their name and image for the Contest and the subsequent exhibition, as well as for any article, report, publication on any media (paper, audiovisual, internet) drafted for that purpose.

Article 11 - Winners' notice

Contestants will be individually informed of the Contest outcome by mail or email. The mail address shall be clearly indicated in order to be contacted by this means.

Article 12 - Regulations violation

Any violation of the present regulations shall immediately disqualify the Contestant. The APN shall not be required to restitute submitted creations to any disqualified Contestant.

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Michel Krempper 12/07/2011 10:57

C'est donc corrigé! La date limite est bien le 19 décembre. Y a til un bulletin de participation en anglais ?

Michel Krempper 11/07/2011 11:18

La date limite de remaise des projets n'est pas la même dans les deux versions anglaise et française du règlement.